Airbnb should buy Stitch Fix so that I don't need to pack clothes when I travel

     When I'm retired I'm planning to live a nomadic lifestyle, at least for a few years. I'll start in Asia, move west to Africa, north to Europe, then South America. I'll spend at least a month in each country, sometimes up to three months depending on visa policies, cost of living, and how much I like it there. It will take a few years to go to all the countries I want to visit. If I'm not bored with it by then, I'll start the cycle over again. I've worked out the numbers, and the most it will cost is the same as my cost of living now. In some countries, it will be less than half that. That's even when I factor in air travel. Now that remote work is standard, some people are already living this way.
    One of the biggest problems I'm expecting to have to deal with will be all the stuff I'll have to pack. I'll need a couple books at a time, tooth brush and nail clippers and that sort of thing, and a laptop. Unfortunately, the most bulky thing I'll need to carry will be clothes. Even just a week's woth of clothes can take up an entire suitcase, and I don't even want to do laundry once a week. If I didn't need to bring clothes I could fit all my belongings into the carry on luggage and not pay any extra baggage fee. A pair of pants might cost 8$ at a thrift store, but when you factor in the baggage costs of packing it every month or two and flying it to another country, the time waiting at the baggage claim, the chance it might be lost or stolen, the price of a new suitcase after it wears out - that pair of pants can get very expensive. If I could just find a way to travel without packing clothes, I'd save a lot of money, time, and frustration.
    I figure I have two options. One is I could just go everywhere naked. This might be OK in some places, but I think most airlines would not let me board the plane nude, and I might get sunburned anyway. The other option is I could buy new clothes when I arrive at a new destination, wear them until my next flight, then throw them out. There's a third option, but it doesn't exist yet: I could have a business mail my clothes to my Airbnb host so that they'd be waiting for me when I arrive, and then I could just leave them there when I depart to be washed and mailed back to the business to send to another guest my size. There'd be a new wardrobe waiting for me at every new destination and I wouldn't need to pack anything except carry on.
    Are there any companies that do this? None that I could find after a quick googling. It wouldn't be a difficult business to run though, because parts of this business already exist. There is a company called Stitch Fix that is sort of like a Netflix for clothes. My understanding is that you select what you want to wear and they mail it to you, then you mail it back when you're tired of it and they mail you more. Airbnb could partner with them, or just buy them (or one of their competitors). Then when you book a rental on Airbnb, you would pick the dates and all the other standard things you select today, then optionally select what clothes you want for the stay. You'd save the luggage costs, the hassle of packing and waiting in line for your luggage, the hassle of lost luggage, and the price of a suitcase. You'd even save on laundering costs for shorter stays.


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