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The Disposable Soma Trilogy

I've just published a trilogy, The Disposable Soma (also the title of the first book). The whole trilogy covers the American presidential elections of 2164, 2172, and 2180 through the lens of Jim Liu, a failed stand-up comedian and hotel heir who first tries to get the nomination of a third party, then becomes a Democrat and tries to become vice president, and finally switches to the Republican party and runs for president.  Here's the trailer:  The Disposable Soma (2023) - The year is 2164 and politics has become unrecognizable. Democrats have become conservative, Republicans have become liberal, and an upstart party called the Empathy Party blames all the world's ills on sociopaths. An assassination leaves the Empathy Party's candidacy wide open and a clown car of candidates vies for the nomination. One, hotel heir and failed comedian Jim Liu, stands out from the others when he chooses a genetically modified, super-intelligent, opium-addicted parrot as his running ma