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Letter to Judge Juan Merchan

Here's a letter I wrote to Judge Juan Merchan to encourage a harsh prison sentence for Convicted Felon Trump. I don't know that it will matter, but judges to sometimes take victim impact statements into consideration in sentencing. Honorable Judge Juan Merchan New York Supreme Court 100 Centre Street New York, NY 10013 Dear Judge Merchan, I am writing to you as a concerned citizen and as one of the 300+ million victims of the fraud perpetrated by Donald J. Trump which he was just found guilty of in The People vs. Donald J. Trump. As a voter, I trusted that the individuals seeking public office would uphold the integrity and values expected of our leaders. The actions taken by Mr. Trump, specifically the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and the subsequent cover-up, have shattered that trust and caused immense harm to our democratic process. The recent conviction of Mr. Trump for his involvement in these fraudulent activities has brought to light his blatant disregard for th