The Disposable Soma Trilogy

I've just published a trilogy, The Disposable Soma (also the title of the first book). The whole trilogy covers the American presidential elections of 2164, 2172, and 2180 through the lens of Jim Liu, a failed stand-up comedian and hotel heir who first tries to get the nomination of a third party, then becomes a Democrat and tries to become vice president, and finally switches to the Republican party and runs for president.  Here's the trailer:  The Disposable Soma (2023) - The year is 2164 and politics has become unrecognizable. Democrats have become conservative, Republicans have become liberal, and an upstart party called the Empathy Party blames all the world's ills on sociopaths. An assassination leaves the Empathy Party's candidacy wide open and a clown car of candidates vies for the nomination. One, hotel heir and failed comedian Jim Liu, stands out from the others when he chooses a genetically modified, super-intelligent, opium-addicted parrot as his running ma

New Trailer For The Orphans

I'm experimenting with creating AI-generated trailers for my books. I started with The Orphans, here is my first attempt: The images were created in Midjourney, then converted to video in Runway's Gen2. The music is from YouTube's free music library. I'll eventually make trailers out of all my books. I generally like how it turned out. Link to buy the book:

New book published - Planet of the Head-Breakers

I've just published a new book, Planet of the Head-Breakers.   Planet of the Head-Breakers (2023) - Centuries after the revolution, the remnants of humanity survive on agricultural communes where they are subjected to mandatory lobotomies before reaching adulthood. The centuries-old, malfunctioning robots that control them have turned the lobotomy into a coming-of-age ceremony. Most children look forward to it, but not Jim. He dreads the impending surgery and contrives a plan to evade it. Japeth, a nomadic surgical robot tasked with performing the lobotomies, admires Jim's rebellious spirit and decides to spare him. He promises to return, and makes a bold claim - he was once a man of flesh and blood. Jim maintains the charade of being lobotomized as he awaits Japeth's promised return, but after years without rescue, he resolves to flee the commune. His quest takes him across a barren, post-apocalyptic landscape in a desperate search for the elusive Japeth. Kin

Airbnb should buy Stitch Fix so that I don't need to pack clothes when I travel

     When I'm retired I'm planning to live a nomadic lifestyle, at least for a few years. I'll start in Asia, move west to Africa, north to Europe, then South America. I'll spend at least a month in each country, sometimes up to three months depending on visa policies, cost of living, and how much I like it there. It will take a few years to go to all the countries I want to visit. If I'm not bored with it by then, I'll start the cycle over again. I've worked out the numbers, and the most it will cost is the same as my cost of living now. In some countries, it will be less than half that. That's even when I factor in air travel. Now that remote work is standard, some people are already living this way.     One of the biggest problems I'm expecting to have to deal with will be all the stuff I'll have to pack. I'll need a couple books at a time, tooth brush and nail clippers and that sort of thing, and a laptop. Unfortunately, the most bulky th

New Review of Cousin Calls from W. A. Stanley

  A new review of Cousin Calls was published. "I thoroughly enjoyed Cousin Calls, and the stories have stuck with me days after reading them, and I still find myself chuckling over various moments through. [...]  If you’re a fan of transgressive fiction, or have a messed up sense of humour (like me, and evidently the author), I can not recommend Cousin Calls highly enough. You can sit down and read it like a novel, or you can just read each story when you’re ready. If you’re not quite as messed up as I am, or don’t gravitate towards transgressive stories, there is a lot to love and Haradon’s skilled writing will draw you in, even during its lowest of beautifully lowbrow moments." You can read the whole review here . Or buy it here .

Free book - Karl Is Out Of Opium

I wrote a short story called Karl Is Out Of Opium. It's about a half hour read, and I just made it free on Amazon (not free for Kindle Unlimited, but just free for anyone). Here's the synopsis: In this short story, a mysterious horde of cannibals called The Sea People has broken into Karl's building and is slowly making its way up the hundred floors to his apartment. While he waits for them to make it to his floor and kill him, he passes time by attempting to chat with his two sex robots. He would rather smoke opium, but he's run out. The only drug left is the mushrooms that his ex girlfriend left behind. You can get it here .

New review of Cousin Calls by RavenのNest blog

 A new 5 star review of Cousin Calls has been published by RavenのNest blog.  "...I love the writing style of this author and how he is able to completely entertain the reader while talking of basic things and everyday life until it gets messed up by a bizarre element- He makes you explore surreal scenarios that however get really interesting for how near they are to reality...." Link to buy the book or read it free on Kindle Unlimited