New Movie - The Eternal Recurrence

I just finished a new movie, The Eternal Recurrence. It won't be public for at least a few months at least, as I submit it to film festivals. Here is the synopsis: An experimental film made with AI tools, The Eternal Recurrence follows a week in the main character Jim’s life, focusing almost entirely on his dreams. A subconscious Walter Mitty, Jim’s nightly journeys through his warped memories, violent fantasies, and existential regrets contrast starkly with his mundane waking life, which mostly consists of failing to attend meetings at work and watching monster shows with his wife, Jill. This film can also be watched as a collection of stand-alone shorts. The movie is meant to be in the vein of Maya Deren, and early Luis Buñuel/Salvador Dali collaborations. 

Here is the trailer:


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