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Waiting For NESARA now available online

Image   I put my movie Waiting For NESARA on YouTube. I shot this movie in 2002-2003 and it was available on DVD and streaming for a while, but the distributor seems to be defunct. People keep asking me about it, so here it is. NESARA was purportedly a "secret law" that would abolish the IRS and make sweeping changes to the government. These changes varied based on who you asked. In one of the more colorful variants, believers claimed that George W. Bush was a reptilian alien who would be deposed by the new law and replaced by a UFO flying Jesus Christ as America's interim leader. NESARA was a precursor to QAnon and attracted the same sort of people. The documentary focuses on a small group of believers who met at the world's first KFC in Utah to discuss NESARA. They were made up mostly of ex and excommunicated Mormons who believed that the law would be announced and implemented imminently, that that the WTC attacks on September 1