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Theism as a cognitive translation of objects into deities

God does not exist. There’s no disputing this, there’s no debate to be had - it just isn’t a subject that is suitable for adult conversation. When I hear rational adults say they believe in god, I don’t believe them. That goes for deities of all types, spirits, ghosts, fairies, unicorns, etc. Maybe I sound like a dick about this, but sky wizards that created the universe and control your destiny? Come on, you’re making a fool of yourself. Then again, objects don’t exist either. I mean things like stones, trees, anything you can hold. They’re not real in the way that we understand objects. They seem like they are, but there is a tradition running from Heraclitus, through Nietzsche, Alfred Whitehead, Galen Strawson, and into modern physics claiming that all that really exists are processes. The concept is easier to understand with a statement like lightning flashes (Nietzsche’s example). What is it that’s flashing? There is no thing that’s flashing. The flashing is just happening with